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1.Immigration Services: Apply for Naturalization, Renew Green Card, Petition for Alien Relatives/Fiancé, Affidavit of Support, Apply for Immigration Visa, Adjustment of Status, Renew US/Vietnam Passport, Renew Employment Authorization Card, Marriage Registration in Vietnam, Remove Conditions on Residence, Visit the USA, Power of Attorney, Re-entry Permit    


2.Professional Counseling: Provide therapy and advice to clients with depression, substance abuse, mental health issues, and any other problematic issues. 


3.State Approved DUI Program: Our main goal is to help you stop drinking while driving so you can live a non-stressful and healthier life.  


4.Alcohol Treatment and Evaluation: This evaluation determines the length of alcohol or drug abuse to determine how many treatments are needed.


5.Domestic Violence Intervention Program & Anger Management Program: Helps clients take responsibility for their thoughts and behaviors, so that they can stop the violence in their relationships and families. 



6.Interpretations & Translations: We offer Vietnamese interpretation at USCIS, Court, Social Security Administration, etc. We also translate Vietnamese marriage certificates, birth certificates, high school diplomas, etc. 


7.Citizenship Prep Classes: Citizenship classes prepare and guide you while you are waiting for your citizenship interview. Please contact Thuy Le for more information on how to register for classes. 


8.Child Care Classes: Please give us a call for more information. (For Vietnamese only)


9.Public Assistance: Food stamps, Medicaid, Peachcare for Kids, SSI

Summer Program: Every year, we provide summer programs for elementary and middle school students. Students get to learn, play, and make new friends. 


10.Community Services: Whether you must perform court-ordered community service, community service for school, or just want to volunteer, please contact us for volunteer opportunities.


11.Notary Public: We notarize documents such as certificates and statements. 

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