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Good Shepherd Services is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 by Sr. Christine My Hanh Truong. Sr. Christine recognized the need to help the poor and impoverished among the growing numbers of Asian immigrants and refugees in Atlanta. Today, Good Shepherd operates outreach centers both in DeKalb and Clayton counties. GSSA reaches out to the poor, counsels families and youths at risk, offers translations, conducts DUI courses, citizenship classes, promotes cultural enrichment, and provides elderly services. 

In 2019, Sr. Christine celebrated 25 years serving refugees an and immigrants experiencing psychological, social, legal, and family difficulties, through prevention, intervention, outreach, and community building to achieving self-reliance and becoming the contributing members of the American Society.

Good Shepherd Services of Atlanta (GSSA), under the sponsor of the Sisters of Good Shepherd, a congregation of Nuns with over 300 years of experiences, providing services to families, particularly women, girls, and children in crisis.

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